Work Samples

You will find below selected work samples that go into great detail to describe the type of projects that I have worked on. All projects are IT related and required thoughtful interaction with user clients. Work samples should also demonstrate the ability to write clearly and concisely, even when discussing technical topics. With these projects, my job was to work with users and management to fulfill needs through software solutions.

I take pride in being able to help and empower my user clients.

Andon Control Center

Software that communicates assembly line item manufacturing status to hardware via twisted pair wiring

Andon Hardware

The Andon Control Center communicates assembly line information to physical hardware on the assembly line floor.

The Andon Control Center is a suite of programs that I wrote in 1999. Working together, they control recording and reporting of information about the real-time status of assembly line work. They power multiple devices, called "andons", that you see to the left.

In addition to knowledge of programming specifics, writing such a piece of software required working closely with mid- and upper-management, as well as working daily with assembly line workers.

Detailed work sample available in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

DHR (Driver History Record)

an Internet application that provides an individual's driver history record for a fee

Driver History Record

DHR is an Internet application that provides a driver's history upon request

The Driver History Record application was written in 2003 by a team of 7 members, shrinking to 5 before project completion. Although involved in many parts of the application, I was primarily responsible for the somewhat complex task of credit card processing.

Detailed work sample available in Microsoft Word or PDF format.


a system tray application that uses sockets and UDP communication to broadcast an alert to PCs

Vigilant Alert Screen

There were multiple versions of Vigilant written for two different agencies. This is the Labor Cabinet version.

Vigilant is a small project written at the request of management in late 2010 to alert cabinet personnel of a dangerous situation in the building. I wrote this very small application for the Labor Cabinet after seeing a program called the "Red/Blue Alert" that was in use at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS). This was a cooperative effort between the two cabinets in order to provide a similar application to Labor, but without certain weaknesses that the original FCHS application had. This application was adopted by FCHS and is currently being used in all of Kentucky's 120 countries.

Detailed work sample available in Microsoft Word or PDF format.